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Image: Muddy Boot Dreams We’re the ones who go from topic to topic, changing our subjects like our socks. We touch on various ideas. We express our thoughts and our feelings, learning and trying different things as we go. Were all at different stages in our blogging journeys. Some might just be starting out, while others are further along. And here’s the thing: our villages are starting to be populated. Were adding readers, and our audience is growing follower by follower. Things are good, even though the thought maybe they could be better lurks in the back of our minds. Sometimes we get restless and want to change things up or do something different. We start to explore advice on the Web. Thats when we come across the various blogging advice posts written by the experts. Theyre interesting, full of good ideas, and lots of promises. You start to wonder if their advice could work for you. It sounds alluring, and you make the changes. Maybe its setting up an email list or writing longer posts or writing shorter posts or adding more personal information or adding less. Maybe they suggest that you find five social media platforms to be active on every day, posting tweets and asking your audience to retweet them for you. Its great advice, maybe a little time consuming, but you think, I just need to persevere, and this work will pay off.
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Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 10.18


Welcome to Saturday Morning Garden Blogging. June has been beautiful here in Denver enough heat to get the veggies going, but no consecutive days of record-breaking highs. Regular waves of thunderstorms have kept night time temperatures in the 50s a little on the cool side for tomatoes, but lovely for the peas. The Tall Telephone shelling peas are now ripe enough to eat and seldom make it from the veggie patch to the kitchen peas straight from the vine to the mouth are too rare a treasure to waste by cooking them! And Zasu loves laying in the shade at the base of the pea vines on warm afternoons. The only lack we’ve had is moisture: the rain part of the thunderstorms have missed my neighborhood, so I’ve had to water the grass and veggies. Last week in the comments Joes Steven asked if gladiola bulbs from last year were still good. The answer is yes. Really, it’s amazing how badly one can abuse some bulbs and have them still be viable. For example, this photo: a hyacinth which is currently blooming in my back flower beds. Last winter I didn’t water a couple of containers of forced hyacinth bulbs enough, so they sprouted but didn’t develop all the way.
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