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I HAVE POSTED LINKS ON CLICKORLANDO.COM. I BET A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL BE LOGGING ON. IT IS WHEN YOU HAVE THAT IDEA Ever had an idea you knew could be worth millions? Local 6 looked at the simplest ways to turn your simple idea into big money. [WEB EXTRA: More information on Quirky | Innovative Apps ] “It just came to me!” thats how Shawn Schuur says the idea just popped in her head one day, “I don’t like it when my sponge falls on the ground so just needed improvement so I just drew up a design.” Instead of one suction cup Schuur decided to use three suction cups. She sent her idea to, an online invention company. “We believe the best ideas in the world are locked in people’s heads not trapped behind boardrooms,” Nathaniel Padgett, of Quirky, said. Schuur says this isnt the first time she has had a bright idea. “I have had ideas in the past but it’s really hard to make an invention.
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Knowing we would be the first financial institution to create such a program, my boss and my team all raised valid concerns. I addressed each one, backing my perspective with the proven ROI that Google, Facebook, and Mozilla had seen as a result of launching their own bug bounty programs. Though I was confident that this was the only approach that could give us the scale and quality we needed, I too was very nervous about what we might encounter. The first year was challenging and included negative PR moments interspersed with times of internal turbulence and doubt. I knew in my gut that we needed this type of program to offer our customers the best possible protection, but being the one responsible to make it happen was easier said than done. At times, the bug bounty program kept me up at night out of sheer anxiety. We encountered many hiccups, but by listening to feedback, we addressed issues to ensure we were offering a program that was productive for PayPal and profitable for researchers. By the second year, the program was a proven success and became a crown jewel in PayPals commitment to the security and privacy of customer data. This success was not without its obstacles, however.
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