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Citi Double Cash Offers 2% Cash Back Rewards

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Once you’ve earned a minimum $25, rewards can be redeemed for a statement credit, cash or a gift card. The extra 1 percent on Double Cash, for some cardholders, might serve as extra incentive to pay off the balance fast. “They’re piggybacking off that good feeling people get when paying off their bill,” said Yuann. (It’s not the first card to offer an incentive for paying as well as spending, but again, it’s the most generous. Capital One’s Journey Student Rewards offers 1 percent back, plus a bonus of 25 percent cash back earnings for paying the bill on time.) Still, Citi’s card isn’t a good fit for everyoneparticularly those consumers who might be enticed into spending more, with the net result of carrying a balance. “If you don’t pay your balance in full, you really need to forget about rewards and focus on finding a card with the best interest rate,” said Papadimitriou. “That’s how you save the most money.” After a 15-month 0 percent APR on purchases and balance transfers, Double Cash will have a rate of 12.99-22.99 percent, based on the applicant’s credit score. Carrying a balance even for a short time would more than offset in interest charges any rewards earned, he said.
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Some people may want to consider long-term disability insurance to protect against what can be catastrophic expenses as the result of an extended illness. Those with estates may opt to help shield beneficiaries from inheritance taxes by purchasing life insurance in amounts that match expected fees to be incurred. With so many insurance options to consider, making the right choices for your individual situation is an important step in preparing to retire. Do you have goals in retirement? Setting goals is not for everyone, but some people can benefit from a clear target to focus their efforts and energies. You may want to make preparations to leave behind a legacy for future generations or choose to contribute time and aid to worthy causes.
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