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One year later, this little blog has turned into an online support group for others around the world. While I never imagined that my blog would reach past my aunt in Chicago, I am grateful for the community of men and women who surround and inspire me daily. I am often asked for my advice when it comes to publicly speaking about divorce battles. I am the first to admit that I walked into this world blindly and if I were able to rewind, I would do some things differently, such as using a pseudonym. Thankfully, my blog has not affected my case and my right to free speech has been upheld by the Commissioner presiding over our case. I have been very careful to protect the identity of my ex-husband. Truth be told, my blog is not about him. My story is about divorcing a narcissist and the reader can insert the picture of the narcissist in their life because sadly, my story is the same as Jane’s in Oregon and Samantha’s in Ireland. While deciding whether to blog about your divorce, I recommend that you proceed with great caution when it comes to your children.
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It sounds alluring, and you make the changes. Maybe its setting up an email list or writing longer posts or writing shorter posts or adding more personal information or adding less. Maybe they suggest that you find five social media platforms to be active on every day, posting tweets and asking your audience to retweet them for you. Its great advice, maybe a little time consuming, but you think, I just need to persevere, and this work will pay off. Things will start to happen soon. They do for other people. Slowly you come to the realization that their advice is not really working like they said it would. You give something else a try, and that doesnt really work either. There are no hoards of readers demanding your next post, hanging onto your every word. No one is banging down your blogging door to ask you to guest post for their company. Most of it is good advice, and sure, your blog looks better, cleaner, and loads faster. But where are the new followers that you were supposed to get?
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